Expert advice with setting up a Xero account, the cloud based, easy and convenient way for small businesses to manage accounting and plan a secure future.

Xero online accounting software is an easy way to stay on top of things whilst sharing important financial information with us, your advisor.

Live financial information

Xero is run in the cloud, so the information you deal with is live and up-to-date. This also means we share the same information, no need to send us anything and we’re also there with advice when needed.

Convenient and easy to use

Xero can also run on your Smartphone or tablet, so you can easily use it when you’re on the move. We can quickly and easily help you make the transition. It’s easy to operate and gives you all the information you need quickly, you’ll wish you’d made the move sooner.

As part of the set up we: 

  • Establish your Xero File.
  • Merge information from your current system – including Debtors, Creditors, Contacts & Payroll.
  • Train you – this can be done in minutes over the phone. Deal with your queries and questions.
  • Show you new ways Xero can help. Xero integrates with over 300 business applications that we can tailor to your business needs. These include Job Costing, Stock Control and CRM to name a few.

Xero advantages include: 

  • No file backups to send, we share the same information online.
  • No installation or ongoing upgrades.
  • Run it on your PC, Mac or smartphone, so your accounting is as mobile as you.
  • Xero add-on business applications can further streamline how you operate.
  • Xero makes bank reconciliation quick, easy and fun!

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