Establishing long-term goals and objectives for a secure financial future. We can then plan how to achieve them to the benefit of your business and your family.

We’ll consider a number of areas of your life and combine them in a tailor made strategy:

  • Family Finances – reducing your debt and living comfortably within your means.
  • Superannuation (including SMSFs)
  • Affairs planning – getting your affairs in order, including will, solicitors and banks.
  • Organisation review – structuring your business appropriately.
  • Trust administration – managing trust requirements, resolutions, minutes and documentation.
  • Trust review – making sure your trust structure is appropriate.

Portfolio Management

TKAA takes a holistic approach in understanding your overall assets, investment preference and risk profile. Fixed assets (direct property) and liquid assets (equities, bonds, term deposits and cash) are both important. These are taken into account and balanced towards your risk profile. We actively advise to de-risk your portfolio or take opportunistic tactical positions, while keeping in line with your fundamental investment preference and carefully monitoring the market.

Asset Allocation

Before any investment advice is provided, we will invest time into your risk profile and together establish a benchmark/strategic assets allocation. It is a foundation which our client and we will discuss, explain, understand and agree upon. Once agreed upon we will advise and guide our client’s asset mix toward their desired benchmark while daily monitoring market prices, maximising tax efficiencies and our client’s investment time-frame or stage of life.
Managed Funds

We regularly review, attend meetings and updates with various professional fund managers to ensure clients’ monies are invested with the highest quality assets managers.
Managed funds pool the money of individual investors. The combined capital is invested by a professional fund manager, in some cases being applied across a range of asset classes such as shares, bonds, property and infrastructure assets.
Managed funds are popular with investors as they make it easy to invest. One transaction can provide access to a range of underlying investments and to diversify your investment across different asset classes and market sectors. They also provide access to investments that may otherwise be out of reach.

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